About Tea

The tea bush bears the traits of the soil in which it is cultivated. Each harvest has its own special quality, whether from the Himalayan mountain slopes in spring, or Sri Lanka in the hot summer or Africa’s lush plains.

As a result, each tea estate produces a unique kind of tea. The curious customer can expect a joyful journey discovering and choosing from among the entire variety of available teas.The flavours of tea even change as the seasons change so that “the two leaves and the bud” of any given tea will have a different cup character.

Some outstanding teas can be compared to great vintage wines,whereas other perfectly worthy,yet more conventional teas, are to be consumed just like decent table wines. With this diversity in mind, House of Tea provides you with a wide selection of excellent teas. We invite the discerning consumer to discover his or her own perfect cup of tea and, at the same time, to explore and experience the wide and tasteful world of tea.

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