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Mokalbari Tea Estate

Mokalbari Tea Estate is situated on the South bank of the Brahmaputra River in Upper Assam. The name MOKALBARI traces its origin to words “MOKAL” and “BARI”. The word MOKAL stands for a special variety of tall bamboos having thick diameters of 12″ or more while the word BARI signifies a specific location or garden. Thus, the composite word MOKALBARI carries the meaning of a garden of a special variety of thick and tall bamboo trees.

An Abundance of Bamboo Trees Makes For Ideal Tea

In the second half of the 19th century a British Planter was curious to know as to what natural factor contributed to this abundant growth of this variety of bamboo trees in the area.

He ultimately discovered that the Brahmaputra River originating from the glacier in the south east of the Lake Mansarowar in Tibet would bring from the hills of Tibet profuse sandyloam soil along its down flow that washed regularly its Southern bank.

As an experienced planter, he understood that the continuous deposition of sandyloam in the area was the ideal topography for tea plantation.

One Of The Largest Tea Estates In The World

In 1876 he uprooted the “MOKAL” bamboo trees and started a tea plantation and named the garden as Mokalbari Tea Estate. Thus, Mokalbari Tea Estate started manufacturing top quality Assam Orthodox and CTC Teas as early as in 1876.

Mokalbari Tea Estate is one of the largest tea estates in the world having a sown area of 1022.03 hectares and producing 2.00 million kgs teas annually with the well trained labour force of 1600. Mokalbari has two running factories capable of producing 2.5 million kgs. of both CTC and Orthodox varieties.

What Makes Mokalbari Tea Estate Unique?

The distinction of Mokalbari Tea Estate estate lies in producing TIPPY GOLDEN TEAS, which forms the base of the top East Frisian Blends. Mokalbari Tea Estate has developed a particular species of tea bushes, the green leaves of which are essential for production of what is known as GOLDEN TIPPY TEAS.

The secret of this development has attained refinement and improvement with the passage of time. The Golden Tippy Teas manufactured in the estate have earned the distinction for their full- bodied, strong liquor, aroma, smooth and malty flavor and rich taste.



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