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Snow White Jasmine Gan Lu


China Snow White jasmine tea, one of the best jasmine teas from Sichuan province fresh, sweet and smooth with long-lasting fragrance, ideal for multiple brews. 

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Piāo Xuě (飄雪) Snow White Jasmine Gan Lu from Sichuan Province holds a unique distinction, as Sichuan is not as internationally renowned for its tea as provinces like Fujian or Yunnan. Yet, the teas produced in this region, including the Jasmine Gan Lu, have distinct characteristics due to the province’s unique terroir and tea-making traditions. Here’s what is notable about the Snow White Jasmine Gan Lu from Sichuan:

1. Origin: Sichuan Province, located in the southwestern part of China, has a rich tea history that dates back thousands of years. While it’s more famous for its spicy cuisine, its mountainous terrain and climate make it suitable for tea cultivation. The “Gan Lu” part of its name translates to “Sweet Dew,” emphasizing the natural sweetness of the tea. The “Snow White” descriptor comes from the delicate, silvery-white appearance of the young tea buds.

2. Processing:

– Base Tea Selection: The base tea is typically comprised of early spring buds, handpicked for their quality.
– Scenting: Fresh jasmine blossoms, which bloom during the summer, are layered with green tea leaves. This process might be repeated several times to ensure the tea fully absorbs the jasmine fragrance.
– Final Processing: Post-scenting, the tea is dried, with jasmine flowers often removed to ensure the tea’s longevity and consistent flavour.

3. Appearance: The tea leaves of Snow White Jasmine Gan Lu are delicate, slender, and have a silvery hue due to their fine hairs. Their appearance is a testament to the meticulous processing and the high quality of the buds.

4. Flavour and Aroma: The tea boasts a harmonious blend of the gentle sweetness and vegetal notes of green tea and the floral, aromatic essence of jasmine. Its taste is smooth, with a lingering sweet aftertaste.

5. Brewing: Use water slightly below boiling (around 80°C or 175°F) and steep for 1-2 minutes, adjusting based on personal preference. The tea can be re-infused multiple times, with subtle changes in the flavour profile with each steeping.

6. Health Benefits: As with other green teas, this Jasmine Gan Lu variant is rich in antioxidants, which can confer various health benefits, from promoting heart health to aiding in digestion. The calming scent of jasmine also provides relaxation, making this tea ideal for stress relief.

7. Cultural and Economic Impact in Sichuan:

– Tea production is significant in Sichuan, and while it may not have the global recognition of teas from other regions, domestically, Sichuan teas are cherished.
– The province has been trying to elevate its tea production and gain a more substantial foothold in both the domestic and international markets. Teas like the Snow White Jasmine Gan Lu play a role in this by showcasing the province’s ability to produce premium-quality, artisanal teas.

While Sichuan might not be the first name that springs to mind when discussing Chinese tea, its Snow White Jasmine Gan Lu is a hidden gem. Offering a delightful blend of flavour and aroma, it encapsulates the tea-making heritage of the region and stands as a testament to Sichuan’s rich tea culture.

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